Star Trek Discovery

I have to say I felt quite let down with the Pilot/first two episodes of the series. That’s not to say it’s bad and I do have hope that the rest of the series will be more promising. It seems the producers themselves might even have the same opinion and have mentioned in interviews that the third episode of the series will be like a “second pilot”. Here’s hoping they are talking about not only about the introduction of new characters and ships but the actual direction of the show too.

The problems I have with the first two episodes range from picky things to more problematic things.
The first thing I noticed is that it’s tech/star trek Jargon heavy. It’s check the sensors thingy and the thingy will go on fire in .32 seconds blah blah. It seems that the writers noticed how much this was missing in the recent movies and decided to throw a bunch of Trek Jargon in our faces with Discovery to remind us that this is fan’s Trek?
It doesn’t help that the actors who have to remember all this stuff are quite stiff in their delivery. There is a clear feeling that this is very, very new for them and they aren’t at all settled in their roles except for perhaps Doug Jones as Saru. Maybe the filming was rushed a little because of the series been delayed.

My other problem is with the talky talky Klingons who go on and on about uniting houses and Kahless religion stuff. I dislike the changes to them. They seem to be a bit too much ‘nail on head’ in regards to what they represent in today’s world. The music, design and religious war themes are unsettling as the scenes are like something out of a Hollywood movie featuring terrorists. Even the Klingon language spoken in this series has more of an Arabic sound to it which I felt really uncomfortable with.

The action here is not all too impressive. We get tons of new Starfleet and Klingon ships but the battle between both is very generic and rushed. There’s not much in regards to battle tactics with this pilot. It’s just things shooting at each other and what the hell is the point of a Cloak ship (may canon forgive us) ramming another ship when it could just as easily fire on it.

What I did like about this series is that there is a lot of potential there. I think they have a great cast and a good creative team. I’m really hopefully that much good will come from a series that has Nicholas Meyer involved in it. I like the design and the higher production values of the series and I am curious to see the USS Discovery.

How this episode stands against other Star Trek Pilots, i’d rank it about mid range. ‘Broken Bow’ is still the best in my opinion. Compared to the recent movies we have gotten I dare say I am leaning more towards the movies in preference to this and that’s mostly because I felt acting and action here wasn’t all that captivating.

Favorite Quote: My people were biologically determined for one purpose alone: to sense the coming of death. I sense it coming now.” – Saru

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