Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 is a very good movie. But it is a very long one. I can understand why it’s not popular with audiences but for me at least, and other people who love Cinema, this is a film I could just sit back and watch all day. The fact that we actually got a sequel to the original is a dream come true for a lot of fans. I won’t argue the necessity of such a sequel but I will say it’s a sequel that entirely respects the original while not trying to redo it like so many “soft reboot” films have done in the past few years. ‘Blade Runner 2049’ is it’s own thing but it is also showing us a continuation of a story that started over 30 years ago.

Visually stunning, it does not feel the need to pander to the audience, it doesn’t spoon feed us but allows us to think and digest for ourselves what we are seeing on screen. Thankfully it wasn’t turned into an action heavy movie. It’s doesn’t screw or distort the original story in the way a film like ‘Alien Covenant’ has done with that franchise and I think those were my biggest fears. ‘Blade Runner 2049’ has been on my list of most anticipated movies of the past few years, along with Star Wars Episode IIV. The night before I went to see ‘Blade Runner 2049’ I watched the original again and started to feel worried that nothing could possibly come close to capturing the feel of that movie, nothing since really has… I think I let out a sigh of relief about 10 minutes in when I realized that it actually was the delicately crafted piece of art I had hoped it would be.

I am also delighted that I remained completely spoiler free before seeing it. That’s a big thanks to the promotion of the film which doesn’t give away that K is a replicant, that his girlfriend is a hologram and that the plot of the film revolved around a child between a replicant and a human/replicant. The plot to me has shades of the new ‘Battlestar Galactica’, that might be just the natural evolution of such stories where Machines become more human than human.

So yeah, count me as one who really likes the movie but at the same time knows it’s not for everyone, much like the original wasn’t for everyone. In today’s world of fast and furious films, transformers and endless marvel movies it is difficult to even see a “normal” movie like this being made.

Is it better than the original? I still love the original most but what is important is that it is it’s own thing. I love it for what it is.

Favorite Quote: ” Her eyes were green.” – Rick Deckard

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  1. Redhead says:

    I really enjoyed Blade Runner 2049. Yes, it was long, and there were a few scenes that went on longer than they needed, but overall? Loved it. The cinematography, the sound track, how Kay discovers who he might be and revisits some childhood memories, the desolation, another character who physically resembles Rachel, I loved all of it! Like you, I went out of my way to avoid spoilers before seeing it.

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