Justice League and another one of those how to fix it pieces

So I went to see Justice League and it’s not so bad actually. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I was not annoyed with the final product, I didn’t leave shaking my head at how many people Batman had killed or what an asshole Superman was. It’s not Avengers but considering this was supposed to be a two part story I imagine what was to come would have been what people wanted with this movie.
Loved the scenes with Flash and Superman, Superman smiles and laughs now. Batman isn’t as arrogant. The film needed more character work, more Flash, more Aquaman (two of it’s stronger points)
But the film seems to be unsuccessful with an opening of 93 million…

So who is to blame? Everyone is pointing fingers, some blaming Joss Whedon, some Zack Synder’s vision, Ben Affleck is blaming himself etc.
The real fault in all this lies squarely with Warner Brothers. You dislike Zack Synder but who hired him? Even after Watchmen and Sucker Punch and the neck breaking in Man of Steel it was Warner Brothers who gave him the keys to the car with a bottle of root beer. You blame Joss Whedon? Warner hired him to re-shoot scenes. You dislike the running time? Warner Brothers. Everything lies at how they handled this.

So where to go now? everyone and your neighbor has an opinion as to where to go next. Here’s mine!

The Batman Universe.

Yes, I have had this mind for years now. Batman is and has always been the money maker Warner’s wanted.
So where can you go with one character? Everywhere!

Batman Beyond

For the Spider-man crowd and tech noir loving crowd, high school kid Terry Mcginnis stumbles into the Batcave and takes the futuristic Batman suit of the 21st century out for a ride and gets to keep it when he and Bruce discover they have more in common than they know.
Bruce is the man in Terry’s ear, the teacher and the father figure (much like Iron Man was in Spider-man Homecoming). Heck, get Michael Keaton to come back as the retired Bruce Wayne. Apparently Paul Dini wrote a treatment for this.


Ok, so they are actually making a Nightwing movie but i’m talking about the one we saw at the end of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. A parting gift left by Christopher Nolan.

Multi Verse Batman Justice League

Bring back all the actors who played Batman to take on a threat that will destroy all realities. You know you want this.

Batman Green Lantern

Instead of a Bat flying through a window giving Bruce Wayne the inspiration to dress up as a Bat a lantern ring flies through it instead. Batman with Lantern powers.

Batman Year One – Script by Frank Miller

This is quite different to the comic version, here is a very different origin to Batman. It was going to be Directed by Darren Aronofsky. Bruce Wayne is homeless, Alfred is a black car mechanic. Interesting, new take.

The Batman – Script by Tom Mankiewicz

The man who wrote Superman 1978 also wrote a script for Batman before Tim Burton came along. Burton’s movie would later have the dark tone that this script has. What interests me most about it is that it came from the same writer as the first Superman movie which still sets the gold standard.

There are a ton of great Batman characters and stories that have yet to be explored (in the movies). There is a goldmine of stuff in the comics to plunder. People love Batman, give em more Batman.

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2 Responses to Justice League and another one of those how to fix it pieces

  1. Umm… Did WB read this? Because i’m seeing news of a Batman multiverse with Keaton coming back as Bruce Wayne for a Batman Beyond movie.

  2. If they did I’m glad because this is the perfect way to go. I’m extremely excited for that.

    Still waiting for my WB cheque though…

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