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Superman Returns…again?

This Summer marks not only the 15th anniversary of Superman Returns but also when I started writing this blog because the first post I made was a review of ‘Superman Returns’. Since 2006 there have been 3 further movies featuring … Continue reading

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Godzilla Vs. Kong

Back when I was a child I had a toy of Godzilla and a toy of King Kong. I often used to play with them and imagine how cool it would be to see them fight it out. This movie … Continue reading

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King Kong Vs. Frankenstein

Conceived originally as a sequel to the 1933 film ‘King Kong’, ‘King Kong Vs. Frankenstein’ was thought up of by Willis O’Brien, stop motion animator on the original film who came up with the idea to get his career back … Continue reading

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Zack Snyder’s Justice League

So if you are reading this you’ve probably already seen ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’. In 2017 I reviewed ‘Justice League’ which was a lukewarm review in which I didn’t really have much to say. Basically I said it was an … Continue reading

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Sadako is the latest film in the Ring franchise to be released in Japan. Released in 2019 and Directed by Hideo Nakata who was Director on Ring (1998), Ring 2 (1999), The Ring TwO (2005) and ‘Dark Water’ (2002). Unfortunately … Continue reading

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The Rise of Skywalker’s response to The Last Jedi

Two years ago I had a list of grievances with ‘The Last Jedi‘ in my review of it. Here today is how ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ responded to the things TLJ did. In bold is what I wrote two years … Continue reading

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Star Wars : The Rise of Skywalker

You know that old trope where if you catch a kid smoking you just force him to smoke the entire packet to make him sick of it? Well, that’s basically what Hollywood does with Nostalgia these days. They are going … Continue reading

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Solo is not a bad movie but it’s not a great movie. It’s an OK movie which seems to be the opinion of just about everyone who saw it. We could say the same or worse about a movie like … Continue reading

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Star Trek Discovery

As a first Season it’s the most uneven season since probably the first season of TNG. In fact I would go further and say it’s all over the place as my opinion with the show is too. As I said … Continue reading

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‘S’ feels like the best of ‘Ring’ with large parts in summary form as told by other characters. In some ways it’s an introduction to new readers and a refresher course for others. At times though it seems to get … Continue reading

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