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Django Unchained

Over the last few years I have felt Tarantino has been basically making films which in essence are him whacking off as a Director and making a movies using every uncontrolled implus he has. It started with ‘Kill Bill’ the … Continue reading

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One of the greatest Westerns along with High Noon, The Searchers and Winchester 73. A stranger (Shane) drifts into town. A man not looking for any trouble. Polite and courteous he tries to keep a low profile but finds himself … Continue reading

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Sukiyaki Western Django

Back when films like “Django” and “A fist full of Dollars” were been released they were called Spaghetti westerns. Like noodles from Japan, the italians had taken them and changed them into something completely different (Spaghetti). Thus when they took … Continue reading

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